Sunday, February 24, 2008

Aeroflot Open

The Aeroflot Open took place from February 14-22, 2008 in Moscow, Russia. GM Ian Nepomniachtchi won the event with an impressive score of 7/9 and a performance rating of 2822!

Now lets take a look at one of Nepomniachtchi's key victories which led him to win the event. Here is GM Nepomniachtchi - GM Dreev from round 3 with full annotations and commentary:
GM Nepomniachtchi (2600) vs. GM Dreev (2633)
Aeroflot Open / Moscow RUS
Round 3 | 16 Feb 2008
ECO: B60 | 1-0
Final Standings:

1) GM Nepomniachtchi (7/9)
2-3) GM Dreev, GM Motylev (6.5/9)
4-8) GM Grachev, GM Guseinov, GM Rodshtein, GM Volokitin, GM Amonatov (6/9)

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