Monday, April 21, 2008

Kuala Lumpur vs Selangor


Kuala Lumpur 6 golds 2 silvers 4 bronze Overall champ

En.Shamsuddin Mat Isa


Kuala Lumpur 3 golds 3 silvers 2 bronze


Kuala Lumpur 5 golds 4 silvers 1 bronze Overall champ

Since 2005, Mighty Kuala Lumpur had 14 golds out of 36 golds. So, who will be 2008 champ ?
Time will tell.


Analysis before MSSM 2008

U12 Boys. Team Gold - Kuala Lumpur , Selangor
Individu - Tan Wei Hao 50%( KL ) Elgin Lee 20%( P.P ) Yeoh Li Tian 30%( Sel )

U12 Girls. Team Gold- Selangor, ( P.P, Kuala Lumpur,Kedah & Malacca fight for silver )
Individu - Nur Nabila 70%( Sel ) - Fairuz ( Kedah ). She beat Nabila twice.

U 15 Boys. Team Gold - Kuala Lumpur , Selangor , P.P and Perak ( If Eddy's son play in team cat.)
Individu - Edward Lee 20%( Sel ) . Don't show good results during previous MSSM . Izz 50%( KL ) and Sumant 30% ( Pahang )

U 15 Girls. Team Gold - Kuala Lumpur ,Selangor ( If Intan Asyirah plays in team cat.). Johor also looking for gold when Renitha and Kwan Tze Yoong will most probably play in team category when they look it much more easier to get gold than playing in individu category where Alia was there.
Individu - Alia 50%( Mel ) Latifah Kaisyah 40%( KL ) Olivia Madhavan 10% ( KL )

U 18 Boys. Team Gold - Kuala Lumpur. ( Possibility, Terengganu, Selangor & Penang )
Individu - Anas 70%( Malacca ), Justin Ong Way ( TMKL ) 30%

U 18 Girls. Team Gold - Kuala Lumpur ( Reason - 2006 and 2007 U 15 Gold. Now they were in U 18 category )
Individu - Fong Mi Yen 25% ( Perak )Charlene Chai 20%( Sarawak ) Nur Akila 30 %( Kuala Lumpur ) Chia Yoon Yoong 25% ( Kuala Lumpur ).

Possibility : Kuala Lumpur 4 - 7 Golds.
Selangor 4 - 8 Golds. Maybe 2008 overall champ
Malacca 2 Golds , Kedah 1 Gold
Penang 1 Gold ,
Sarawak 1 Gold , Perak 2 Golds
Johor ( 1 )
Sabah, Labuan, Putrajaya, Negeri Sembilan, Kelantan, Perlis - Sorry.. No gold. Work harder for next year.

Sincerely from Grandmaster In Training.



mssmkl said...

syabas kuala lumpur. Tahniah guru KL

Anonymous said...

Apa terjadi pada Labuan 2004 result?

Teclado e Mouse said...

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mssmkl said...

siapa peduli sama labuan...
the best of mssmkl 2005 -2010. before that who cares..

Malaysian Grandmaster said...

Klik untuk beri sokongan untuk Mas jadi GM!!

Carpediem said...

I find the 'analysis before mssm 2008' highly ridiculous and unreliable because
1. the numbers do not tally {for example, "Tan Wei Hao 50%( KL ) Elgin Lee 50%( P.P ) Yeoh Li Tian 50%( Sel )"-doesn't this add up to 150%? This does not make sense because probability always sums up to 1, but in this case its 1.5, making the analysis mere assumption, with the 'analyst' fumbling over numbers for whatever reason unknown}
2. before i present my second point of argument, may i ask, where on earth did you get the numbers? because you did not show statistical records, and neither did you exercise the complexity of probability, and i believe this 'analysis' has no basic foundations as to how it came to a conclusion. it is also impossible to come up with a proper analysis of who would be the champion and who would win this or that because there are unforseen circumstances and probably a breakthrough from an underdog which would in a thousandth of a second make all of this analysis crumble into pieces, and these variables have not been factored into the analysis, have they? thus here i prove this analysis to be a mere assumption, as it lacks of evidence to substantiate for.
3. The 'analyst' who came up with this analysis, I would like to know, whether you do know all the players competing in mssm, because without knowing who would be in the tournament, how would you know who would win it? The analyst has neglected other important factors or rather is unknown to the players of the other states and here what he/she does is to provide the 'analysis' by extracting the possibly seeded players and analysing their 'winning possibility', which makes no sense because there are other strong players, all who also stand a chance of winning, which have been excluded from this 'analysis.
4. have you ever heard of the probability topic memorylessness? well, it means that history-the things that have happened in the past, does not count for in present time and future. this proves to be very true, since as humans we learn from the past mistakes and doings, amend them, and triumph over them, eventually. for all the things that has happened in the past, let it not be revived though we might want to revise history. because what matters now is present time and future.

so here i rest my case, on proving this analysis to be of no basis and structure, thus making it unreliable and a mere assumption.