Sunday, July 27, 2008

Once Upon A Time In Danang Vietnam ( Episode 3 )

16 June , time to go back home. From left : Susan ( Paparazi ), Pn Noriah ( Unit Sukan ), Pn Norlin ( Headmistress), Pn Noriah ( Faizal's mum ), Mrs Tan, Pn Norita, En Tan, Cik Syam Irza ( Eat too much maggi ) , Haslina ( Amier's caretaker )

Cik Syam, En. Suhairi, Pn Noriah, Pn Norlin & En. Akbar ( The one who get the sponsor from Direct Bank )
Actually , he is Mr. James adopted son.
Whatabout me ??? Anyone please ..?

Can't remember the name of the temple but it is in Hoi An. Under World Heritage.
The pineapples here is so tasty.

Tan Jun Feng play against Abdullah Salleh. Look at the board !!. The tournament hall is so crowded.